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Show off your pictures!

December 29th, 2009

Please check out this booty dance video and vote for me to win! @ 01:09 am

Please check out this free video, vote for me to win and repost it as you see fit!

I really need the extra prize money right now to help out with my medical bills from my stroke that I had about 3 months ago!

Please retweet/reblog/repost this link/video and ask your friends to vote for me and I will love you long time!

I really need your guys help in winning this and thank you so much for your support this last year and every year before this one. You guys have really made my business a success and I couldn’t have done it without you! Happy holidays guys and gals and thanks again!

You can vote at this link:

If that link won’t work just go to shakinit.com and click on contests and you will see my video and can vote for me there!

Tell your friends! You can vote until December 30th at midnight! Go, do it, NOW!
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Show off your pictures!