Jessa Flux (clubmix1996) wrote in __camwhores,
Jessa Flux

A Entry From The Mother Blog!

"Another one of my rants on “time”

Time… I don’t have it. I try to keep all of my to do’s and to don’ts in check and in order but nothing seems to work.

As you probably know. I had a stroke a month and a week ago. It prevented me from being able to perform or work on my online projects updating my sites and all of the normal work I generally have to do for nearly 3 weeks. This is mainly due to the fact that I was in the hospital for over a week and couldn’t read a lick for two weeks.

Someone eventually brought my net-book to the hospital for me to try to check my emails which by that point were backed up worse than I have ever seen them. ( I generally get about 300-400 emails a day. They range from business folks, affiliates, members, fans and some of these emails are well disguised spam which has to be waded through to determine which is which…)

When I first got my sick little hands on my tiny net-book I was so infuriated at the fact that I couldn’t understand ANY of my emails or ANY of my instant messages. My Doctor said I shouldn’t worry about it and that I should try to take it easy until the first of the new year. But I just can’t do things like that. I have to push my limits..."

You can see the rest of this blog entry by going to my free blog here:

You can see some other pretty cool stuff there as well!

Thanks for reading!
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