Jessa Flux (clubmix1996) wrote in __camwhores,
Jessa Flux

new pics and a bit of an update about the site.

This is from my recent burlesque photos I took:

And this is from a funny set that is going up on my site soon of me pretending to be Wonder Woman:
And to give you all an update on my spycam situation… I found a way to stream full quality cams on my site and so I added three more to the 8 I already had of near streaming cams using rude and housecamz. The new ones are hella nice kind of like cams or something and they also feature full sound. I now I have 11 (24/7) voyeur cams on as well as my regular weekly pic sets and video updates and daily hour long members shows. My site pretty much now officially rules harder than your mom.
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