2 Porny FREEBIE Videos FRESH from UndressJess.com!

Here are some short excerpts from some updates that went live on the KING OF ALL SOLO GIRL PORN SLIZZLE SITES, UndressJess.com THIS WEEK!

Here's a body stocking fetish(and semi-furry fetish, if you count the bear hat!) and masturbation video in HD! Oh and I mixed the music in this too... I'm a super-fucking-star DJ, bitch!

And here is a video of highlights from yesterday's member show complete with baby oil and booty claps! ;)

See the whole enchiladas on http://UndressJess.com! ;)

Super Hot Freebie Photos!

Here's one more from that flexibility set that went up on UndressJess.com two weeks ago!
See my webcam at Camwhores.com
I got this camera to use to make videos when I started my site almost 5 years ago! (It will be 5 awesome years this Fall!) Although I haven't used it in forever to make videos I DID use it as a night vision spy cam in my bedroom for like EVER! Well it died finally and I'm totally bummed so I took this photo of it before tossing it in memory of it's awesomeness!
See my webcam at Camwhores.com
Here are 2 super cute pics of me modelling my band, The Gorilla Monsoon's new t-shirts we just got in to sell!
See my webcam at Camwhores.com
See my webcam at Camwhores.com
And there ya have it! I hope you enjoy the random pics! ;)

Vote 4 My Booty Plz! FREE FLIPPIN VIDEO! :)

So please take the time to click “vote” for me in this hot booty shakin’ contest! It’s super easy (all you gotta do is click “vote”! You don’t even have to put in a lame captcha) and the video is FREE to enjoy!

http://undressjess.com/bootyvote You can also download it and keep it if you like!

I’m really proud of this video and it’s one of my first I’ve ever done in 1080p HD. People kept asking for HD so I caved! :)

It’s totally free to view and download and all I ask in return is that you click the “vote” button below the video.

As an added intensive to vote, if I win I’ll be posting the full version of this video in which I strip down to full on buttnakkedness and even use a dildo! I’ll be posting this on a tube site for you to all enjoy and also I’ll be making it available to download!


Please get your friends to vote too. It just started this morning and goes on until 2am Thursday night! I think you can only vote once per IP address though so if you have any friends that would vote as well please pass the love along! You could post the link anywhere and ask peeps to vote to ensure that I win and YOU get the awesome free smut as a reward for helping me out!

Here are some stills from the contest video! Enjoy!
See my webcam at Camwhores.com
See my webcam at Camwhores.com
See my webcam at Camwhores.com
See my webcam at Camwhores.com
See my webcam at Camwhores.com

My 1st Sex Toy Review! The Wall-Bangers Vibe!

Wall bangers vibe - pink

So I’m doing my very first toy review! I’ve been REALLY wanting to get into doing sex toys reviews on here for awhile so I’m really stoked about this! And I ALREADY have two more toys in my que to be reviewed next. You know what that means right? Lot’s of sexy time for you and me and a little education too! Or edumication… Hehe.

So the first toy I’ve received to review was from Nights Of Erotica and it’s a really cool toy cause it’s more versatile than you would think at first glance so you can get all kinds of use out of this ding-a-ling. It’s the Wall Bangers vibe in pink. The hot pink one that I received is pretty awesome for me considering my undying love for all things Hello Kitty and/or day glow but it also comes in purple, flesh (Caucasian skin tone) and chocolate to suite your individual needs for personal color coordination.

At first I was a little intimidated by it’s length since I’ve just recently started using insertable sex toys. It’s a full 8 and a half inches long! But I soon figured out that because of the way it’s designed it can be controlled easily to help you achieve the depth of pleasure you desire. It has this ribbed part near the base next to the section cup and that was were I would grip it when I was riding it or shoving it (manually) into my pussy. If you like a deep penetrating thrust that ribbed area would probably feel pretty amazing tugging at your pussy lips when you fuck it. Right above the thicker ribbed area was a sort of a made on cock ring with nubbies that stuck out. I even used this toy on a day I didn’t feel like penetrating myself (woman stuff…) by just rubbing that nubby cock ring thing and the ribbed area straight on my clit with the vibration set on high!

Speaking of the vibration it wasn’t the strongest I’ve had but it’s still pretty good. I give it a 3 out of 5 for vibration intensity. Also, the vibrations carry through the whole toy nicely so you’ll be loving this dong from base to tip.

I mentioned the suction cup base didn’t I? I actually tried this toy out at first by sticking it to the side of my fridge and backing my ass up on it like it was my business. Well I guess pleasuring myself actually IS my business but you know what I mean… I was working my ass like I normally do in the doggie style position so I was being pretty aggressive and surprisingly the toy stayed put exactly where I put it the whole dang time. I would recommend doing what I did though and wiping down both the suction cup base of the Wall Banger and the area you are about to stick it on to make sure it’s a nice tight attachment.

Here are some pretty neat details about the Wall Banger:

a: It’s made by Pipedream Products.

b: It‘s an affordable $20.88 and that really is a deal when you think of all the ways you can put this sucker (I’m so funny. Get it? It has a suction base!) to good use.

c: 8.5 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter.

d: It seems to work well for sensitive little vah-jay-jays like mine. (So far. I’ve used it numerous times and not had any issues yet but if anything starts to bother me I’ll update you guys!)

e: The vibrating motor is very quiet as you’ll see (and NOT hear) demonstrated in my video…

f: And most importantly it’s fucking WATERPROOF and with it’s suction base you can totally stick it in your tub and ride the fuck out of it! SWEET!

Overall I gave this toy a 4 out of 5 rating because of it’s quiet motor, smooth vibrations, size, it didn’t irritate my delicate flower which most sex toys do, it’s affordable, you can use it in a plethora of ways and I just love love LOVE that it’s waterproof and it actually stood up to it’s promises since I had no issues using it in the bath (while most toys that claim to be waterproof are just straight up lying).

Now enjoy my FULL SFW video review and let me know what you think! It’s my first time so go easy on me please! If you have any questions about this toy or suggestions on the toys you’d like to see me review next LET ME KNOW!

You can buy this toy from NightsOfErotica.com and here’s your direct link to the product!

You can follow and find Nights Of Erotica on these sites:



Myspace Myspace:

Or just email them!

Email: Info@nightsoferotica.com

You can send me more sex toys to use in my site’s videos and to review by purchasing the gift of pleasure from my Wish List!

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Check out my new sex machine that YOU can control!

I’m really excited to FINALLY tell you about what I’ve been buzzing about for over a month now… THE DILTRON!

Okay so I’ve mentioned on my twitter/face book/myspace updates that my main cam site that I work on and LOOOOVE was sending me a sex machine called a diltron to Beta for their site. As far as I know they only picked 3 girls to send this awesome sex toy to for FREE in exchange for trying it out and introducing it to the site as something they might have more girls use in the future.

The model manager sent me this email asking me if I’d be interested and I checked out the attached video and I admit I was kind of scared. It looked really hot and all but I had no idea who was controlling it (the dildo that was pounding the girl in the video) as it was attached to a stick type thing that was coming from off screen. I asked him how it worked and explained it to me; Basically it was a sex toy that the dudes that get shows from their diltron girls on webcamclub.com can operate via their mouse and fuck the girl as fast or as slow (or any combination of those) as he desires! It’s %100 interactive! YOU control it to fuck me the way YOU wanna!

I found an article on this blog from a guy that got a show from one of the other girls that was picked to premier the toy. It includes a little video to show you how it worked when he used it on her:


It’s pretty friggin’ cool, man! So I am going to PREMIER the use of this machine in chat on Monday night! (As of now that’s tomorrow October 11th…) I’ll be taking private shows with this toy from 9 to 10pm CST! I’m even temporarily cutting my cam rates down to $1.49 a min from the usual $3.99 a min TOMORROW ONLY! I want everyone to have a chance to try this thing and see for themselves how cool it is. I did a test run with it a feel days ago with one of my friends and it was amazing.

Another random thing that might be worth mentioning is this will be the first time I appear on the record as a blonde! I decided to go back to blonde after my brief stint with stupid black hair. Even though that IS my natural hair color I just like my hair better when it’s lighter… Okay random.

Anyway, I hope to see you all there tomorrow/Monday! Even if you just wanna ask me questions about the new toy (or anything else you’ve been dying to know…!) you can join my free chat room on there. Here’s my link:


Also this is a really great time for members of www.undressjess.com to view me on my 4 bedroom spy cams while I take privates and whack off to the hotness! This will be going on throughout the hour after our hour long member show anyway so it‘s not really an extra stretch for you guys. ;) I will make sure that all of the cams in the bedroom regardless of their usual positions in the room are facing me while I’m getting rammed by my fuck buddies on webcamclub.com! But of course if you prefer to fuck me yourself you can always infiltrate to buy your ticket to the front roll where you’ll control the action!

I’m really stoked about this because I think not only will it be hot to be that interactive with you guys but also the technology of this machine is insane and I want to share it with the world. So… BE THERE! :)