Jessica Lee Graves =] (jgraves612) wrote in __camerawhores_,
Jessica Lee Graves =]

mod application

name: Jessica Lee Graves
age: 15
status: taken<3
sexual preference: boys?
three words that describe you: silly, loud, and uh.. weird
why should we accept you?: because i LOOOOOVE Nicole Renae Gaulin and she is my best friend
something interesting about you:
5 of your favorite bands: taking back sunday, silverstein, underoath, senses fail, the postal service
5 of your favorite movies: gacy, the notebook, the fast and the furious, joy ride, saw
5 of your favorite stores: claires, journeys, pac sun, filenes, delias
if you could be any celebrity who would it be?: Hilary Duff
5 clear pictures of yourself:



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