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here i am

name: Kerri
age: 19
status: single
sexual preference: gay
three words that describe you: funny, open, chill
why should we accept you?: because not only am i hot but im one of the first 20 and i am wicked cool :)
something interesting about you: i got caught smoking pot in my dorm room haha
5 of your favorite bands: mest, fall out boy, matchbook romance, hanson, and the starting line
5 of your favorite movies: chasing amy, moulin rouge, you've got mail, fools rush in, and the incredibly true adventure of 2 girls in love
5 of your favorite stores: umm i dont know haha
if you could be any celebrity who would it be and why?: i would be jessica alba so i could stare at myself naked all day
5 clear pictures of yourself:
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Image hosted by
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