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Were __caliente__

being just hot is so overrated...

Were not just hot... were __caliente__
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All Members , Moderated

1.Put all pictures, and your application behind an LJ cut. If it is not behind an LJ cut, your application will be deleted.
2. You have to stay active. If I or any other MODS notice you are inactuve, you're getting the boot. 
3. Don't discriminate against race, religion, sexual preference, nationality, etc. If you do... your out. 
4. Don't post nude photos. 
5. Participate in the themes. Common, there fun! 
6.This community is about ratings one's looks and personality. We can bitch, but please do it respectfully and tastefully.
7.Fill out the entire application with at LEAST 3 pics. Less than this will get your application rejected.
8.Promotion is a big deal. We will check to see if you did promote. If not, then you will be rejected.
9.Please put "Can I be caliente also?" in the subject line of your application.
10. Any criticism must be constructive.
11. No arguing.
12. You cannot vote unless you've been accepted and stamped.
13. No links to pictures.
14. No fake pictures!
15. This is a light-hearted community. Don't take it too seriously.
16. You can only whore if you do it behind a cut that says "whoring" AND you whore us in the journal you are whoring

How to do an LJ cut...
<lj-cut text="(type here)">
**info goes here**

How to host and image
Find an image hosting site.
www.photobucket.com is a good one.
then.. <img src="the url of your picture goes here">



*Sexual Preference*
*How did you find us?*
*Who did you promote us to? link us please*
*What makes you __caliente__?*
*Name something unique about yourself or something crazy you do*


*Top 5 older bands*
*Top 5 newer bands*
*Top 5 movies*
*Top 3 books*
*Top 3 TV shows*
*Actor & Actress*

::Other things::

*Tell us about your style*
*Make us laugh*


*minimum of 1 body and 2 face... max for 6 total (collages count as one photo if small)*

Your lovely Mods:
Alyssa _caliente

Kimmy xdanceprincessx

Josh willrole4life



All accepted members will be listed in __members__ once your accepted your name will appear on the accepted members entry in this community... check here if your not sure if someone was accepted or not

Also located in __members__