Manda (crankybabyduck) wrote in __caliente__,

can i be caliente also?!

*Name* amanda.
*Age* sixteen.
*Location* massachusetts.
*Sex* female.
*Sexual Preference* straight.
*How did you find us?* nouseforacoolsn's insane promoting!!
*Who did you promote us to? link us please* click here
*What makes you __caliente__?* i can be sexy and look good without looking like a total hoochie. i don't dress too provocatively. i want people to know that i have class.
*Name something unique about yourself or something crazy you do* i have one of the coolest jobs in the world. i work at the mall and i dress up as minnie mouse and hand out balloons and stuff. i get to hang out with little kids all day. i love it!!


*Top 5 older bands* nirvana, pearl jam, nine inch nails, black sabbath, smashing pumpkins
*Top 5 newer bands* american hi-fi, incubus, oasis, the ataris, saves the day
*Top 5 movies* the butterfly effect, alice in wonderland, empire records, home room, the basketball diaries
*Top 3 books* flowers in the attic, the lovely bones, go ask alice
*Food* pizza
*Top 3 TV shows* last comic standing, rescue me, nip/tuck
*Actor & Actress* wow.. um.. i really like pamela anderson. not necessarily for her acting ability on baywatch. but i'm currently reading her first novel Star and it's such an in-depth look into her life (although it's not an autobiography - the character is based on herself) i really respect her as a person. and i like anthony michael hall.

::Other things::

*Tell us about your style* laid back. casual. not to skimpy but not too conservative. you will most likely find me wearing fitted tees and bellbottom jeans.
*Make us laugh*


that's me in my minnie costume.
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