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the place to get your buttons..

buttons ect.
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this is a community dedicated to me making buttons for your communities/journals. i will make pretty much any kind of buttons as long as you read the rules and request properly.

01. you may only request one button per week.

02. you must specify colors, graphics, fonts, sizes, ect. for your buttons.

03. if you do not make these specifications, i will make a button to match the layout of the journal/community i am making the button for.

04. you must fill out the request form posted below.

05. you may not promote or make personal posts in here; any will be deleted and the user banned.

06. to show me that you've read the rules, please put button for me mama in the subject line of the request post.

fill this out completely or a button will be made to match the layout of the community/journal for which you are requesting the button.

community/journal for button:
name/word on button:

if i make you a button, you MUST link me in some form, either using the button below or using a text link.

my photography journal. stellar rating community.