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button for me mama


I am not certain if I need to put that header there if I am not requesting a button, but I thought it'd be a good idea to make it known that I read the rules.

I sought out this community because I have made a tons of buttons that I wish to share. Everyone can find them here. There are all Harry Potter related at the moment, but there will be a lot more buttons made in the future, not all of which shall be HP related. I'll post those as well if that is okay by everyone here.

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button for me mama

community/journal for button: Dear_Ashley
size: mm i guess 100 by 100
color: color of my journal i guess, make the background light pink and font color white.
graphic: umm can you surprise me? im really not sure
font: tahoma or georgia if you can
name/word on button: Dear_Ashley's Advice

thank you sooo much - will credit.
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community/journal for button:punk_n_owning
size:big. any big.
color:black and red
graphic:doesnt matter
font:something that looks tragic size 8
name/word on button: "Rejected! Doesn't that suck?"
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button for me mama

community/journal for button: heartmysneakers
size: 100x35 or 100x50. Whatever works best.
color: light blue (either one of the shades on the current layout), light grey, black
graphic: hmm I don't have one made but maybe some diagonal lines or horizontal ones
font: I like the font you used in this button.
name/word on button: heartmysneakers
other: maybe add a little heart somewhere :)
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sorry i happened to post this as a comment before...

community/journal for button:punk_n_owning
size:big. a star if thats possible. if not square is fine
color: pink with white stripes going through. think vickyes secret
graphic:hmm. anything punk is nice. maybe some black stars
font:arial 8. black font
name/word on button: were punk..we own

thanks so much!