i'm a bunhead, and proud :)

Name: Stacie.
Age: 14.
Years of dance: 12.
Types of dance: ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical, pointe, etc.
Favorite type of dance: modern
Why I like dancing: It's something I'm really confident with, and it's my only true escape.
Interests: Dancing, theatre, being with my friends, blogging, writing.
Are you a better turner or jumper: I'm definitely a turner.
Do you have your splits: yeah.
How many pirouettes can you do on your best side: Three en de dans, and en de hors on both sides. Sometimes, even more. Like I said, I'm a good turner!
How many classes do you take a week: I go to a performing arts high school so I dance every single day for three hours. 
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 Hey every one! 
Im curretly trying to recover from an eating disorder, but Im having trouble letting go of the 'ballet body'. Im fine with my legs and stoach, but I was wondering, if I started doing push ups and bicep curls etc, will I get massively bulky arms? Im trying to regain my health, but Im scared of 'bulking up' massively, as its important to me that I remain slender for ballet. So can anyone recommend arm exercises that dont cause bulk?
And advice is greatly appriciated =)
Forgive me, this is cross posted.

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Hey everyone!

Its been ages since I posted here! I just have a quick question. Im very into ballet, and I've worked hard to get my 'ballet body'. Though now its the summer holidays, I really wanted to start running (the Couch to 5K plan). My question is: If I start running, will it bulk up my muscles? And if so, is there any stretches I can do to stop this happening? 

Thanks in advance :)
Luv Loz xoxo


Intermediate/Elementary Syllabus

Hi!  My name is Lexi, I've been a member here for a while, but haven't posted anything yet.  I am currently working on my RAD Intermediate (or Elementary) exam.  And I've been looking for a list of all the syllabus exercises.  If someone has that, and wouldn't mind sending it to me, it'd be awesome and greatly appreciated.



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Hey everyone! 

I need some help. I have an estedford on sunday, and I've only just learnt the dance. In it, theres a double turn, but Im having troubles getting it. I can only get maybe (if Im lucky) one and a half before falling out of it. Is there any tips? Thanks guys! Im just nervous because its my first dance comp! 
Luv Loz xoxo

new here

hi, i don't know if guys are really bunheads, but if they can be them i qualify.  i take mostly ballet, but also one jazz and one pilates reformer class each week.  i go to two studios, one is vaganova and the other is just a mix of stuff.  i am not going away for a summer intensive this year but next year i will go somewhere.  i will dance a lot this summer--like 3 classes a day for most of it, but then 3 weeks of local workshops and intensives in august.

this is my fourth year dancing and i love it.  next year i am moving to a big city somewhere so i can dance with other boys.  i am the only one at my studio over the age of 5 and under the age of 23.
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Hey guys! 
For my art final this year, I wanted to do something ballet. I was thinking of doing a diary of the ballet world, and Im trying to show how hard dancers really work. So if anyone has any photos of themselves in class, in ballet tights and leo, I would love them. If you arent comfortable sending them to me, thats fine, I dont want to use them without your permission, but I would love them. Anything, from class to just stretching at home.
Thanks in advance!! 
Luv Loz xoxo

Another Bun-head....

Name: Courtney
Age: 15
Years of Dancing: 9...? has it really been that long?
Years of Pointe: 2 and a half
Types of Dance: ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contempary.... whatever really? i'll give anything a go?
Favourite: ...erm, I love hip-hop and Jazz... but i guess ballet is my favourite..
although having my doubts right now?
Why?: because i have loved it since i was 2! because ballet just has a feel to it...
Are you a better turner or jumper?: jumper!
Do you have splits?: all bar side splits! ....not enough turn out!
Number of Classes per week?: ballet: 6 per week... 7hrs worth
Jazz: 1hr a week
Dance School: South Auckland Ballet Academy (SABA), Auckland, New Zealand
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Age: 16
Yrs. of Dance: 1
Yrs. of Pointe: 1
Types of Dance: ballet, pointe
Favorite: Pointe/Ballet
Pointe Shoes: Bloch Synergy
Why: It's freedom, pure freedom. I was denied the right to dance as a child, and I always thought, "There go my dreams, woosh, out the window. I'll never have that chance". But I was wrong, I started classes again, out of love, out of need, and after two weekes of basic technique training, my teacher put me on pointe. I'm working towards my first recital, everyday is a new advernture and I always learn a little about my self.
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New Bun Head

Name/Alias: Lynn
Age: 13
Yrs. of Dance: 10
Yrs. of Pointe: 1
Types of Dance: tap, ballet, pointe, and jazz
Favorite: Pointe
Why: it is the only type of dance where i can fall and it not hurt
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