beanlady (smithlady) wrote in __bulimic,

All I Want Is You

Hello Hello Hello
I have been thinking and pausing and thinking and sleeping, and finally sleeping.. and concluding that.. maybe the only real way to be happy is to learn to love, and love yourself, and you can't have one without the other. Do you think that is true?

Drinking green tea saves me from hunger. I can't tell if it's real hunger, or just that my stomach is used to rewarded with feasts. I am 115 pounds. I want to be 105. Maybe 110 will be okay. It was weird being 120.. but barfing didn't help me lose any bit.

       Everyone is so so beautiful. Unless your heart is made of coal! Anyway, I think I love myself more now, and I've stopped myself from those hours of continuous eating, because loving is more important.  Hahaha! And you can say that is such a pile of poo, but I believe it! And that concludes today's blog. It could be the last.
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