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Success so far!

Well i didnt write yesterday because i was absolutely shattered and achey!! But i did really well i think! I went to the gym twice for an hour each and definately worked my arse off, even more than usual, i've never sweat so much in my life! Plus i have to walk up tonnes of floors in college anyways so thats always good exercise.
All day yesterday i had:
Oatabix (90)
Cereal bar (90)
Salad (350ish)
so all together about 550 calories, not bad considering i burned prob that much at my gym sessions and allllll day yesterday. So that left me weighing nearly 2lbs less :D I'm now 123lbs at 5 ft 5.5

Today i didnt go gym because i only go with my boyfriend three times a week, but im going to do some lunges and crunches later! I have been taking green tea pills and hoodia.. i find that hoodia makes me feel full quicker but then when i do get hungry its like more hungry than i would be without it...
Today i have eaten:
Oatabix (90)
Cereal bar (90)
Salad (450ish)??? - i added a little bit more than yesterday because i felt more hungry for some reason, feel bloody bloated now though grrr!
all together i estimate about 650 cals but to be fair it could be less, im doing the maximum to be on the safe side. Thats it for tonight!

Tomorrow i plan to have:
Half an Oatabix (45)
Cereal bar (90)
Prawn baguette (350)??
About 485 cals. Thats what should happen!
What i'm thinking about doing, if i have the energy, is to have half the cereal bar in one break at college, and then half the baguette in the other break. Then on the train home, or when i am home, have the other half of the cereal bar, and then later for dinner, the other half of the baguette! We'll see how things go, i'll report back tomorrow!
Sorry if i've bored you!!! I just wanted to write it down :)

And now your reward for listening!


Do you think that models, especially these ones, do you think they are eating disordered? Or do you think they eat healthy but generally more than us? Just wondered, cause i mean i would have thought they would be eating disordered but surely that cant appeal to them all can it? Can they really be naturally that skinny? maybe sooo...

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