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hey hey hey

hey guys, just stumbled across this place. so um. the survey first.

1. name: amanda
2. where am you from?: chicagoish area
3. favorite musical: um... rent, the last five years, wicked (like the rest of the world)
4. favorite song: "nobody needs to know" from the last five years, "suddenly seymour" from little shop... and uh, my favorite song changes every five minutes or so
5. hobbies: yeah, i am pretty much a musical theatre dork. and that's about all i do. i sing a lot... planning on majoring in music education in college next year. i'm pretty much obsessed.
6. favorite book: i don't read too much... as i'm usually juggling about 2 or 3 shows at once, and like 3 or 4 singing ensembles... plus school. no time. ah.
7. talents?: i sing... um. not too much i can show for that. i draw a little bit. here's my deviantart if you care to see my doodles and junk. most of that is just like what i draw during french class.... heh.
8. where did you hear about this?: someone else posted something on a wicked icons community and it said it was cross-posted here, and i'd been looking for a general broadway icons community to put my stuff.
9. anything else?: i like tacos...? <3

so i've made stuff for a few months, and i've accumulated a big pile of icons and other stuff. so i'm just gonna post everything i've made up till now. they're all over at my icon journal, yourewhatyouown
it's pretty much.... a lot. hope you enjoy them! comment if you're taking anything, it makes me happy. :D

going from newest to oldest:
</span>( 8 the last five years icons, 1 the last five years colorbar, 4 rent icons, 2 wicked icons, 2 wicked colorbars, 1 into the woods icon, 1 avenue q colorbar, 2 little shop of horrors icons )
( 2 rent icons, 2 rent colorbars, 1 wicked icon, 3 wicked friends only banners, 2 idina menzel icons, 1 heather headley icon, 1 west side story icon )
( 2 rent icons, 1 rent aim icon, 1 beauty and the beast icon, 1 cinderella icon, 3 wicked icons, 1 wicked wallpaper )
( 4 rent icons, 2 rent colorbars, 2 spamalot icons, 1 thoroughly modern millie icon, 2 wicked icons, 1 wicked wallpaper )
( 39 wicked icons, 10 rent icons, 2 wicked friends only banners, 1 wicked wallpaper )

well there you go!

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