Courtney (dimensicons) wrote in __broadwayicons,

Another newbie.

Hola, everyone! My survey is...

1. Name: Courtney
2. Where are you from?: Chicago, IL, USA
3. What is your favorite musical? I have to pick just one? I don't think that's possible. If we're talking classic, it's Les Mis. Of the new school, RENT, hands down.
4. Favorite song?(Doesn't have to be from a musical): From a production - Another Day, from RENT. Or A Little Fall of Rain, from Les Mis. And at times, Close Every Door from Joseph. Did I mention that I'm an indecisive person? Non-musical, Angels or Devils by Dishwalla, the acoustic version from Greetings from the Flow State.
5. Hobbies: Writing, traditional and graphic art, reading, travelling.
6. Favorite Book: Eyes of a Child by Richard North Patterson.
7. A piece of your talent maybe?(poetry, singing, art, etc.): I'm posting from my icon journal, which will have a link to a poetry and photography collective... eventually.
8. Where did you hear about this community? (If you got it from an ad. who posted it?): A friend of a friend. :)
9. Anything Else?: Please pardon my problem with choice. There's so much to choose from...

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