heavens_sin (heavens_sin) wrote in __broadwayicons,

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1. Name: Philip but I like to be called Phil
2. Where are you from?: Bronx, New York
3. What is your favorite musical? RENT and WICKED
4. Favorite song?(Doesn't have to be from a musical): ANYTHING from RENT or WICKED
5. Hobbies: singing, acting, writing, drawing, speech and debate, dancing
6. Favorite Book: Wicked, Son of a Witch, A Density of Souls
7. A piece of your talent maybe?(poetry, singing, art, etc.): Singing, Drawing Dancing
8. Where did you hear about this community? (If you got it from an ad. who posted it?): I found it while looking for a good place to get awesome icons
9. Anything Else?: I really love musicals and I hope to be on broadway one day and I believe I will and if you think I'm pretty cool go ahead and add me to your friends list :D

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