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New Member...

1. Name: Vanessa G. at your service
2. Where are you from?: Toronto, Canada
3. What is your favorite musical? Jekyll and Hyde, Wicked, and Newsies
4. Favorite song?: Hard to say. I have a few. Jekyll and Hyde: In His Eyes, Bring on the Men, Good and Evil, First Transformation, and Lisa Carew. Wicked: What Is This Feeling, Dancing Though Life, Defying Gravity, and Popular. Newsies: King of New York and Carrying the Banner. Chess: Someone Elses Story. Among others.
5. Hobbies: Filmmaking, reading, writing, dancing, art, movies, wreaking havoc plus other stuff.
6. Favorite Book: The Mountain's Call, The Charmed Sphere, The Misted Cliffs, Phantom (Susan Kay version), HP series, and almost all the LUNA publishing books.
7. A piece of your talent maybe? All Icons (and colour bars) here. Stories here. Anything else, you'll have to ask me.
8. Where did you hear about this community?: Stumbled upon it myself looking for a place to post my icons.
9. Anything Else?: Um... beware the monkies. They like toast and toes. That's about it... OH and I have a community (its tiny) but its for broadway, musical, tv, movies and book icons: fans4icons which I would love for you all to check out and join. Thanks.


Carrying the Banner

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