May 15th, 2007

Summer Marilyn

Avenue Q icons

It won the Tony for Best Musical, beating the amazing Wicked. It's got puppet sex, puppet love, and a hilarious Asian woman. I know everyone loves it, yet I see so few icons out there for Avenue Q, the show that tops my list of favorite musicals and an all-around hilarious production.

So with my limited photo-editing tools, I took to gathering pictures through Google Image Search and cropping and playing to create a nice little set of icons.

Take and enjoy 'em... but please comment and credit coopedupinside. Many hours went into compiling these, though if you'd like to edit any, I'd be happy to give permission (just please ask first!)

So, without further ado...

[20] Avenue Q

Hey, I know! Put my earmuffs on the cookie!Collapse )
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