December 17th, 2005

SPN: This is my life.

Lots of Colorbars!

Hey Everyone, I've been making a few colorbars and I thought some of you might like them there are:

68 in total:
20x Phantom of the Opera (mostly movie, only one stage :o/)
1x Billy Boyd
1x Conan O'Brien
1x Maroon 5
1x The Beatles
1x Coldplay
1x Lightsabers/Star Wars
1x Orlando Bloom
1x Prude/Anti-romance
1x Jon Stewart
1x Anthony Kiedis
1x Macaroni and Cheese
1x Chemistry/Science
1x Le Petit Prince/The Little Prince
1x Oscar Wilde
1x Dave Chappelle
1x Moulin Rouge
3x Sin City
1x Anchorman
1x Billy Madison
1x DodgeBall
1x Wedding Crashers
1x Office Space
15x Disney
1x Anastasia
1x The 40 Year Old Virgin
1x The Chronicles of Narnia
3x Cities
2x Pride and Prejudice

It's obviously not dial-up friendly but if you don't think your computer can handle all of those you can just request which ones you want to see and I'll leave you the code, I hope you guys like them, rules and everything are at the bottom :o)

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I'm sorry for seeming to spaz out on you guys...

I could have worded my rants much much differently but I didn't I am very sorry. I am however a little upset that many people suggested I leave the community. That was upsetting so in all fairness I'd like an apology form you guys who were wishing me out of here.

I will put suggestion links in the userinfo that will lead to sites that have various caps and pictures from different musicals.