November 29th, 2005

we're not gonna pay...

So, I saw RENT for the 3rd time last night. Add that to the fact I just downloaded my photo editing program, the fact I'm graduating in about 18 days (and I have baaaad senioritis), and my 8 AM class was cancelled after 10 minutes, and you get a WHOLE lot of icons. I've worked on these over the past two days. Some are good, and some probably suck. Enjoy!

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The usual applies, please. Comment, credit, and no hotlinking. If there are any you like but maybe want tweaked a little bit, I have them saved in a format that's easy for me to change. Just leave a note in the comment, and I will do what I can.

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    "I'll Cover You" - RENT


Does anyone get Life magazine? It only comes in newspapers, and of course my cities newspapers don't have it. The RENT issue was released Friday. Or does anyone know if/where you can buy it?