November 25th, 2005

Update post

Hey guys, the layout will be changing soon so just bare (bear?) with me if things don't look right. I'm not sure what it will be of yet but I'm sure it will be interesting. Just letting everyone know, I've updated my icon journal a few times. Nothing broadway, just GOF and some other things, check it out if you want. 

To respond to the comment in the recent post containing RENT icons.  I didn't get a chance to see the comment so if anyone could briefly describe it to be that would be great, but I'm getting a very obvious vibe it was negative and I just wantd to say yeah, no don't do that.  Yeah, I know some of these icons aren't the best, but who cares.  If you don't like them then don't f-ing say anyhting about them.  The negative comment was just a desperate scream for attention, so I'd say stop.


Anyways, I'll have some icons up soon. 

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