October 24th, 2005

v. 2

Wine and beer!

1. Name: Robin (ashlin_hahn)
2. Where are you from?: I'm Canadian, eh? From the Rainy City of Canada, Vancouver. We are snowless.
3. What is your favorite musical? Ooh, that changes depending on my mood. It generally switches between Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Rent, Miss Saigon, and Lion King (broadway version only!)
4. Favorite song? (Doesn't have to be from a musical): Also changes depending on my mood. At this very moment, maybe it's Over the Moon, from Rent.
5. Hobbies: Making icons and graphics in Photoshop PS, watching movies, walking alone, flirting, taking part in intelligent conversation, and singing songs from whichever show I was most recently in.
6. Favorite Book: This also changes very rapidly, but Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass is what I'm reading now, and it's fantastic.
7. A piece of your talent maybe? (poetry, singing, art, etc.): Singing, acting, dancing, performing in general.
8. Where did you hear about this community?: I searched in keywords for "Rent" in interests. xD
9. Anything Else?: I'm gonna post all my icons under this username of my icon journal, if that's okay. :)
  • Current Music
    Movie cast of Rent - La Vie Boheme