October 23rd, 2005

Tons of stuff going on =D

Hey guys,  I'm still alive too just been super busy!  I have a ton of stuff going on for this ocmmunity.

  • New Layout
  • I'm going to memory entries and make an archive
  • New promo banners
  • Change the info aruond a little
  • and just kind of bring a new look to everyhting

On top of that, I've got some icons and colorbars in the works.  Keep an eye out for all of these things.


(I'm also thinking of posting some music on the community over the next few days, Broadway of course.  Let me know what you think)

Update- Almost everything is up and running now. I just have to finish the memories and I will be memorizing by makers too!
  • Current Music
    I Know Him So Well : : Julia Murney and Sutton Foster