July 10th, 2005

Theater dorks...

a newbie

1. Name: Lauren Gismondi
2. Where are you from?: Selden, NY
3. What is your favorite musical? Ermm...Phantom of the Opera & Hairspray
4. Favorite song?(Doesn't have to be from a musical): Mean to Me- Ain't Misbehavin'
5. Hobbies: anything related to broadway (I'm an actor/singer/dancer), reading, shopping
6. Favorite Book: "Lucky" by Alice Sebold
7. A piece of your talent maybe?(poetry, singing, art, etc.): Singing (all-state comp.)
8. Where did you hear about this community? (If you got it from an ad. who posted it?): a friend
9. Anything Else?: Nope, just hope this'll be good!
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Theater dorks...

banners and colorbars

Hey, it's me again. I was just curious if anyone had some broadway related banners and/or colorbars that I could put in my user info. When and if you get them, please give it to me through a comment with the little URL thing attached so I can copy it easily and credit the creator appropriately. Thanks so much!
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