July 1st, 2005

awkward   [Colbert]

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1. Name: Liz
2. Where are you from?: Virginia
3. What is your favorite musical? Wicked and The Producers
4. Favorite song?(Doesn't have to be from a musical): well, my favorite one from a musical is DEFYING GRAVITY and my fave non-musical is THE WAY by Clay Aiken
5. Hobbies: performing at the theatre, doing theatre stuff, hanging with friends, watching movies
6. Favorite Book: VALLEY OF THE DOLLS by Jacqueline Susann
7. A piece of your talent maybe?(poetry, singing, art, etc.): I sing (3 octave, 2 note range), dance (ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical), and act. I play some piano and used to play the flute
8. Where did you hear about this community? (If you got it from an ad. who posted it?): clicked on an interest of mine and saw this community
9. Anything Else?: BROADWAY RULES!