June 21st, 2005


Week Two Results!

Thank you for your entries! We are just going to have first place for now. When we get more participation we will have second, third and a mod's choice.

The Winning Icon is....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com By: comfylove

I will have your banner soon.

Do not forget the new challenge! Entries must be in by 12 midnight on Friday 24th.



I was thinking about this. I am going to have a co-mod for the community. I will not be here some nights to put up a challenge or the winners.

Co-Mod will be able to create the community layout whenever they want a change, running it by me of course. They will be able to put up new challenges every other week. Etc. if you are interested, please leave a comment.
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sexy ariel

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ok im a newbie and thought id follow the pattern

1. Name: Kat
2. Where are you from?: Birmingham UK
3. What is your favorite musical? Wicked, Chicago, Grease, Oliver, Singin in the rain, Easter Parade, West Side Story..etc. could go on forever
4. Favorite song?Santana-Maria Maria, BEP-hey mama, wizard and i-wicked, many disney ones
5. Hobbies: acting, dancing, piano
6. Favorite Book: Harry Potter, My sister's keeper by jodi picoult
7. A piece of your talent maybe?.. im not that great, but i dance n can play piano and flute.
8. Where did you hear about this community? (If you got it from an ad. who posted it?): searching for communities
9. Anything Else?: i love musicals despite my poor singing. i have never seen anything in the west end or broadway, but follow everything that comes and goes in both. i love stephen scwartz and steven sondheim. i think bob fosse was a GENIUS and would love to be an actress when im older, despite the fact that will probobly never happen. OH and im embarrassed to admit i dont know the plot to rent, but it fascinates me

kat &hearts; &hearts;

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.. A First Shot ..

I thought I would finally give my first shot at some musical icons. I'm just learning a lot of the typical icon tricks, so they may not be the best quality. Comments are appreciated, and credit if you're going to use them (hosting them yourself, please). Thanks!




On a side note, if anyone knows of any good photo resource websites for photos from musicals I would greatly appreciated it. Thanks! :3
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