May 10th, 2005

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1. Name: Kendra
2. Where are you from?: Maine
3. What is your favorite musical? *Thinks* It's have to go with a tie between: Wicked, Oliver, Phantom Of The Opera, The Music Man, The Sound of Music, & Kiss Me Kate
4. Favorite song?(Doesn't have to be from a musical): Always True To You (In my fashion), My Heart Belongs To Daddy, Love For Sale, Everytime We Say Goodbye, De'lovely, You're the top. Yeah *sighs* you have to love Cole Porter. For non musicals my favorite song would have to be either: Figure '09, Numb, Breaking The Habbit, We Believe, Obsession, Geeks Get The Girls, & yeah.. lol
5. Hobbies: Acting, Dancing, Singing, Theatre, Drama, Being up on stage, being loud, writing, poetry, randomly saying things that pop into my head..
6. Favorite Book: All Around The Town, You Belong To Me, Daddys Little Girl, Walk two moons, cut, speak, the summer my sister died, and more..
7. A piece of your talent maybe?(poetry, singing, art, etc.):
I sing, act, draw, write poetry, and everything. But I suppose the biggest one would be acting. It's my passion, my obsession, my thrill, and my love.
8. Where did you hear about this community? (If you got it from an ad. who posted it?): I think from just randomly searching livejournal.
9. Anything Else?: *Thinks* nah.. nothing really
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Okay... Maybe in the last entry I did I didn't make it clear...

If you have any thoughts or ideas about the community layout, say so. If you agree with changing it, say so. If you don't agree, say so.

Give me some sort of feedback...

Also I am thinking of starting an icon challenge or a graphics challenge. Give me feed back on that.

Come on guys!


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Hey, just found this community, very cool. I'm a huge theater fan be it broadway, london, regional, off broadway, what have you!

I'm horrible at making icons so this is just swell! I really could use a new icon and I'd like one Avenue Q related (just saw it in new york front row center and it was the thrill of my theatrical life) If anyone has any cool ones already made I'd appreciate it, but I have a rather specific request that I'd like to request from someone willing to make it...heh...will credit and bless with highest praise.

Also could anyone please tell me how to actually credit, I don't think i'm doing it right

jules_creations A New Community!

Have you ever wished for a place where you could express your creativity and love for Julie all at once? Well your wishes have come true... we are proud to present jules_creations a community to challenge your Julie inspired creativity!

sapphire_stephy and damejules personally invite all of you who love Julie Andrews to come visit our site, check out our rules, and join in the fun!

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The first challenge starts Sunday May 15th, 2005!

sapphire_stephy and damejules
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