April 22nd, 2005

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Name: Bethany
Where You from: Prescott AZ
Favorite Musical: Phantom, Fiddler, Les Mis, Bridie, Little Shop of Horrors, I know a lot.
Favorite Song: Broken by Amy Lee
Hobbies: anything you can do on a stage
Favorite Book: Gone With the Wind, Phantom by Susan Kay
A piece of your talent: Singing, acting dancing, writing, poetry, but singing mostly
Where did you hear about this community? UHMM, I was looking for somewhere to obsess about Broadway so my friends won't look at me like that, TADA here I am.
Anything Else: Anyone love Phantom as much as me?? Anyone in Prescott?
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Name: Allie

Where You from: Rochester, New York

Favorite Musical: Wicked, Les Mis, Rocky Horror Picture Show, West Side story, Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray currently I'm obsessed with Oliver

Favorite Song: I'm not that Girl- Wicked

Hobbies: singing, acting, horseback riding, field hockey, singing, acting, singing and hey did I mention acting?

Favorite Book: Wicked, The Raging Quiet by Sheryll Jordan, anything by Tamora Pierce, Crown Duel Sherwood Smith, THe sisterhood of the traveling pants series, THe year of secret assignments

A piece of your talent: Mostly acting and singing and some writting

Where did you hear about this community? I did a search on broadyway communties

Anything Else: I'm in love with Link from Hairspray. Also check out my greatestjournal journal www.greatestjournal.com/users/sing4theday
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