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__breakthemould's Journal

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We’re back by popular demand.
Consider yourself hot, interesting and just that little bit different?
Apply, let’s see if we do too.
If you’re fit and not a complete spacker, then feel free to time waste with us

General Rules
01. Livejournal cut pictures
02. Friends only ALL entries
03. Remain active, that means not only posting pictures of yourself and voting on applicants, but also promoting the community.

Applicant Rules
01. Fill out the entirety of the application form.
02. Accept that fact that you might get bitched on, don’t cry about it.
03. Don’t have highly contrasted pictures

And because we know how lazy you are, just copy and paste this and fill in your answers

If you were a member of __breakthemould previously, DO NOT FILL IN the above application, instead fill in this one:

Member Rules
01. Put in your livejournal cut text “Stamped”.
02. Be harsh, you might have to bring some of these applicants back down to earth.
03. Be respectful to other accepted members. LJ drama can be fun, but bitching on each other isn’t healthy ha.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com & Image hosted by Photobucket.com
flyflyplass & once_upon_a_gem