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warped tour - Barrie Ontario :D

WHERE DO I START!! okay. from the begining. this will be a long entry.

We got there at about 10am. went straight into the line. it took forever to get in. not to mention the doors didnt open till 12. it was so hot i almost passed out in line. when we did get in, me n laura left spencer, got some stickers n went to the lip up list. we got the times, and went to the teal stage to wait for wut was supposed to be yellowcard. they were at the stage next to us. so i went to see Yellowcard and laura watched anti flag. it was CRAZEEE. well im getting too tired so im gonna skip to the kool parts. Me n laura got taken outta the Billy talent mosh pit. we couldnt breathe. they sent us backstage and Lp had his arm around laura and was making sure she was okay.. SOO kewl. then i got Paul to sign a piece of paper i found on the floor.. i took a pick of Joel signing my shirt. We talked to chris. We saw LP walking around after he signed my shirt. We also talked to Anti-Flag, those dudes are kool. at 5 we went to the story of the year signing. got my poster signed. then we went chilled by the gate to backstage, talked to this one dude who was a record company rep. he was kool. we also talked to these chicks who lost their shoes. that mussta sucked ass. when GC came on, me n laura put our shizz infront of the stage, moved through the crowd looking for lauras "mommy" lol we got to this one point and im like. Lets surf. so we got up on the crowd and went crowd surfing like four times. it was sooooo much fun. we were like the only ppl doing it. till the end. after the show we went back to the fence. Benji and joel came over n said hi n then left. we went around behind to the buses and ran into our security guard friend. he told us where the band was, we went over, first Joel came out, 30 mins later Billy came out. he signed my shirt. Laura *finally* met him and got her pic taken with him. she almost cried!! we were there fer like an Hour before benji came out. me n the chick next 2 me started a chant. I was the first person to get my picture taken with benji. He signed my shirt too. it was soo kool cuz he recognized us from surfing the crowd!! :D we left n sat on the grass after. i called my mom and was like "OMG OMG MOM GUESS WUT" she was like "what happened omg who got hurt??!?!?!" i laughed n was like "I MET BENJI! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!!" she was like "awwwwwwwww really?" then i told her the rest. thats all the important stuff about yesterday. we saw some prettty kool bands. Yellowcard was the shit. i swear they had an hour long set. and played all my fave songs cept Back home. but it was all good. Warped tour was the best day of my life. Nothing will ever top that.. however.. in my mind there *is* one thing that could.. smilez *drools* lmfao jks. but that would still rawk!! lol im out peace kidiez.

|r.i.s.s.a|x *warped owned* 8.14.04 the day i met Benji happy bday belly


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