August 6th, 2004


*to hell with you and all your friends*

hey my name's is brittney.. and im new.. umm im 14 and i live in NY... i LOVEEEE SoCo, TAKING BACK SUNDAY, YELLOWCARD, and all those kinda bands.. buttt yeah im goin to warped tour soon too!! cept mine is on the 18 its still soon!! hhehe.. i CANT wait.. last years was AWESOME.. it rocks me good..

this is me with the words on the tip of my tongue
and my eye through the scope down the barrel of a gun
remind me not to ever think of you again.
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hello there!

Hey! wuhsup yall. I just joined this community and it seems yah! Thanks to b3nt_and_brok3n for helpin me w/posting in here! I'm 15 and i love yellowcard,taking back sunday,billy talent and all those other bands!I live in Florida and last ..sunday i believe i went to the vans warped tour 04'! I must kicked arse! Hope to go to next yrs too!

got this song stuck in my head by fall out boy:

Where is ur boy tonight? I hope he is a gentlemen!Maybe he wont find out wat i know.u were the last good thing about this part of town.
Someday Ill appreciate in value, get off my ass and call u...but for the meantime Ill sport my brand new fashion of waking up w/ my clothes on at 4:00 in the afternoon.
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