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The lead singer/pianist of Something Corporate has new band called Jacks Mannequin. The sound of the band is just amazing. Andrew returns to a Leaving Through the Window feel but also incorporates new influences such as the Beach Boys, Elliott Smith, and Radiohead.

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If you'd like to hear a couple of thier songs, you can do so

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hi. i just joined so i thought i should introduce myself. um my name is hayley.some of the bands i like are, the academy is, taking back sunday, the killers, the spill canvas, matchbook romance, brand new,dashboard confessional, bright eyes, yellowcard, our lady peace, etc..
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Hey well Im new to this community, wats up all. I like straylight run, their lyrics are great, something corporate, green day, yellowcard, the rasmus, and alot of others. just thoughd id introduce myself.
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hello there

hey...does anybody know anything new about yellowcard??

well if anybody wants check out my lj and comment or w/e

or im me on my aim sn and tlak 2 me sometime

aim sn = xshorty1400x

kk im out
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hey i was wondering if you could do me a big favor.i need soco points to get apresent for my friend so if you would please please please click on the banner and fill out a few simple questions (takes literally less than 20 seconds) i would greatly appreciate it. and if you join the soco street team and geta banner i would be happy to clikc yours if you comment on my journal! thank you very much!