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This Is A Community For Brand New Fans

[x] Rules [x]

1.) Keep on topic. Post something to do with Brand New. A story about a show you went to, a picture of you and them, a shirt you made, a rumor you heard about them, anything to do with Brand New!
2.) Use a lj cut for big pictures, long posts, or if you are posting many pictures. If you don't know what it is or how to use it, just ask.
3.) Be nice, if you are mean, either in your comments or posts, you will get 1 warning, then you will banned.
4.) Remember that everyone here loves Brand New, don't leave mean comments. If you don't like the what they post, don't even comment at all.
5.) You may promote other communities, but they have to have something to do with brand new, or music. No rating communities please.
6.) It would be very nice if you could promote this community somewhere, anywhere!

Here's a colorbar i made