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Two tickets to the Orlando Social show

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I have two tickets to the sold out show at the Social in Orlando, Fl on June 28, 2006. As you may know Brand New is playing two shows in Orlando, a huge (also sold out) show at the House of Blues and a much smaller show at the Social on Orange Ave. If you've never been to the Social it's a tiny venue, holds a few hundred people (as opposed to HOB which holds thousands). Also, because of the small venue (and the fact that there is no backstage area), the band is likey to hang out in the club which makes meeting them highly possible. Due to the fact that I'm a slave to my job I'm going to have to miss this show, my loss is your gain! I cannot stress the perks of seeing them in a club like the Social, it's small and intimate, no barrer between you and the band (literally). This is a must do for any hardcore Brand New fan. I'm not sure who's opening for them, the website just says "plus guests", I think it's Nightmare Of You and Colour Revolt but don't quote me on that!

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