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~*Created in 1982!*~

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This is a community for those cool people born in 1982! That's the only requirement for joining. This is the best year ever, so why not get to know others who were born in the same year?
There are, like many other communities, a few ground rules that people need to stick by.
-No mean comments
-No rudeness
-No trying to sell your ebay stuff on here, if so I'll delete it
-This is a community for nice people who like to chat online with others like themselves...if the community is used for basically anything other than that, I'll delete it....

That's really it. Most of all have fun, and be creative! Layout and icon sharing is encouraged, but not a requirement, so don't worry! ;0)
Also, I'm kinda new at this community-making stuff, so if anyone who joins has an idea for an interest, email me at bluebutterfli82@aol.com and I'll add it to the journal info!