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Time For Introduction

I've been here a while, but haven't had time for introduction.

My name is Brandolyn and I was born July 24, 1982. I am a product of the 80's and have an insane obsession with the 80's. Just a few examples of this..I have a love for Duran Duran and Simon Le Bon in particular. Also, I married a man 13 years older than I am extremely attracted to..for lots of reasons, but also because he's an 80's man. Okay, I sound crazy.

I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but grew up in Chalmette or St. Bernard (suburb of New Orleans). If you've heard of Chalmette lately, you only heard about it because it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. I happen to move out just 3 months before the storm hit, but my friends and family all ended up homeless. They are doing better, though.

I am a student at Louisiana State University, but that is going to be put on hold for a while because I just found out that I am expecting. So, I am going to try and take some online classes as I work toward my degree in the next few years.

It would be nice to meet some other girls born in 82! I'll have to invite some of my friends to join this community as well.

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