Do I win?

For being born the earliest in 1982? I was born January 11th! Anyone sooner?

Hi, I'm Michelle.

I have a super cool hoodie from Fossil, and it has 82 on the front. I looked forever and ever for a shirt with the number 82...and low and behold I finally found it. I love it!

Hello All

I'm Dave. Born Feburary 14 1982 in Cleveland but I've been living in California for most of my life. I'm wondering how dead this community actually is. (Four posts in 10 months) But if your lurking somewhere I'd love to kick this community back in shape. Were turning 25. That is a big one.


Anyone from the UK or continental Europe here?

I was born in 1982 too! (well, obviously!) Currently working as an accounts manager.. and bored on lunch... that's why I'm posting.

Add me if you are as bored as I am.. and if you think we might get on! (Check out my interests..)

OK I really sold that didn't I. !