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BOOK REVIEW #1 -K. Pizarro

I'm a new member here and I've just finished reading a really cool book. I'm going to write a book review about to encourage other people to read about it.

This book is about 2 maternal twins, Philippa and John. One day, John wakes up from a dream of an earthquake which took place at Egypt. When he woke up, they discovered that their bedroom had the same cracks from his dream, so did his pillow. When they read the newspaper, comparison confirmed that the cracks were identical to what appeared in John's dream and their bedroom. A trip to the dentist followed this mishap. Finding out that both of them had grown their wisdom tooth at such a young age, their mother was extremely worried. The dentist reported that the twins' teeth would go in chaos if it wasn't removed right away. They had no choice but to go through surgery. In the midst of their surgery, in their sleep, they had a dream. The twins had the exact same dream and they were in it together. This dream became the start of their adventures and from this dream, they soon found out a secret which changed their whole life.

Its a great book. I would have unveiled that secret but that would've ruined the whole book. Just purchase or borrow it then read. Its exciting plus very interesting too!

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