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Book 14 - xposted to my journal

Kushiel's Chosen - Jaqueline Carey

When I was reading the first of this series, I had a lot of questions about my own sexuality that I wanted to answer. The book was remplissant with such tales that I could glean knowledge and experience vicariously. This second book was more along the lines of political intrigue, loyalty, war tactics...and after the troubles I had with my thesis adviser, I sensed that this book would be healing for me. I could take a step back - into a fantasy fiction novel - and see what happened in my own life from that safe a distance.

The book develops the story and the characters rather well. I am also learning more about who the author is. Unfortunately I am also seeing a plot and thematic pattern between these first two books, and am looking forward to my roommate finishing the third book so that I can see if my theories pan out or not.

I am loving the series so far, and am crediting a lot of my personal growth lately to reading this series and learning these characters. I am also having a lot of fun testing my knowledge of history and Christian mysticism.

The last sentence of this book was so amazing I laughed for a good three minutes. =D. I don't remember a book ever ending this well.

hugs people - good night...if I am lucky, I could get another read before settling to sleep...I have a lot started and a few close to finishing, =).

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