July 8th, 2006


Greetings all.

Hello all. I'm new here, I joined because I thought a group that actually discuss books that might actually help me to sort out the sensational crap that society likes to read currently and actually get in to a more intelligent form of writing.

I've recently finished reading the book I, Elizabeth By Rosalind Miles. This book is as much fictional as it is nonfiction. It is basically a story told in first person, the life of the Great queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth herself is the narrator of said story and tells of her life from childhood, beginning in the final marriage of king Henry VIII to Queen Kathrine Parr. She tells of her trials as the last heir to the throne, being called a bastard by church and state, after her younger brother Edward and her Roman Catholic elder sister Mary. She explains to the reader about her love for England and how much she adores the people. Tells of her trials when she finally becomes queen, having to reject her true love to become Bellona, wedding herself to her country.

I recommend this book to any history lover, even though this story may not be fully historical (it's not easy to write in the shoes of someone who lived 500 years ago). Miles has a way in writing this story that makes you feel that you really truly can understand the hardships that Elizabeth had to go through and who she was.