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Hi, im new to LJ, i just joined, and i went through different communities on here, and i seemed to like this one the most.

Okay i hope you can take my little rambling/life sotry here lol. I just came out as a lesbian. I told a friend of mine in school, and well. The entire school ended up finding out. They were pretty suprised when i admitted i actually was, i don't really give off that "vibe" unless you have really great body language. I dont brag about my sexuality and scream out that im a homosexual, like a lot of people i know do, i just keep it to myself, i dont really think that people need to know my buisness. But if they ask, i wont deny it. I go to a private school ( thankgod i only have 2 months left..and finally off to college ), and there is not that many kids who go there , only about 300, and most of them already know, I don't care, i just can't take the jokes any longer and i wish i havn't come out that soon without thinking about the consequences. I also told a few of my close "friends"...i really shouldn't call them friends anymore since they just shut me out of theyre lives after i told them. Not only did i come out to my friends but i came out to my cousin as well. I thought she wouldn't have a problem with it, but she kept telling me i was in a faze and ill get over it like her friend back in highschool did. She said she was gay all through highschool and fell for a boy when she went into college. I dont get this whole "faze" thing..maybe her friend at that time did feel like a lesbian, but changed later on in life and dosn't feel that way anymore? Those feelings are real, not fake. People are differnt & they like different things. & to add to that my mom and dad agree with her. And they want to set me up with a jewish guy..and well i don't want that.

So..yeah that's it. Thats my mini life story right there. annyway. Im looking for some friends that i can relate/ and talk to on here. It be really nice :)
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I'm new to the community. I'm a 16 year old girl who has just come to terms with being a lesbian. I haven't told anyone except two of my friends at school and I'm not sure how to tell my parents. I've tried hinting to my mom and she always say I'm not a lesbian. I have a gay cousin on my dad's side of the family who is out. I like to write and read. My fave show is Degrassi. I'm liberal at heart.


Okay. So, I got frustrated about not really having gay friends I can hang out with. Girls… all I have. Just girls. I do have gay friends but they're the superficial type, and I'm done with fakers. So, the short and sweet of it is that I joined this site where you can meet other people. I was on it before I went to Florida on Spring Break this past March, so I was like, why not try it again. The problem though is that everyone basically just wants sex. Sex is great yea, but you know? I want friends. I don't want to havefriends just to sleep with them when I’m horny. If I did, I'd probably be seeping with all of you... if you wanted to. I guess my pics don't help much either. I guess they just shout fuck me or something because that's all I'm getting. They’re of my chest and stomach, not my face. God only knows where that’ll end up. No one wants to talk, hang out maybe, watch a movie. No. It's, "I live 20th and 8th Ave. Wanna come over and get fucked?" or "I wanna fuck you. Can I pick you up? I know this cheap hotel near the GW bridge for only $25 bucks." $25 huh? Gee I feel so special. There're a couple of hot guys too that asked, but I don't just want sex. If I did, I would just go out to clubs, do that innocent young vulnerable thing and pick up guys. But I'll feel trashy you know? Then I won't be happy because they wouldn't really like me, because they'd only be interested in sex.

Can I tell you something? The sex thing with strangers is kind of scary. The idea of doing the deed with someone who's only interested in pleasing themselves, then just leave when they're done doesn’t appeal to me. "Wham bam thank you Carlos. Later..." Especially with all the things out there. How safe is safe anyway? Is there such a thing as totally safe? Another thing is, if I ever did say, to hell with it, and went to meet with someone, would they like me? Now I'm just sounding pathetic. If I had a twin, I'd probably smack me. Then again if I did, I'd probably go, because I'd kind of have some to look out for me. He'd be around the corner texting me and waiting for any sign of danger. Yea... I'd be complete. I would always have him and, and him, me.

I'm a romantic I guess. I want to meet someone, go out to diner, watch movies. Just hang out, sit around all day maybe talking. Maybe walking around. Sit around in my friend’s flat and bother her. haha jk. That would be fun though. Where have the gentlemen gone? But then again, I guess a hook up site isn't a good place to go finding them. I guess if I want friends I'll just have to stick to eljay
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Heya there.

Hey there. My name is Brad and I am a junior Econ major and math minor at Berry College in Georgia. Yeah, I blend in very easily. So much that not even the "president" of Berry's psuedo GSA (don't even ask, its long and involved) had no clue, and neither did my parents until I came out to them. So I am out, though I don't exactly scream, but if anybody asks I will give them an honest answer.

There only like six openly gay guys here at Berry (though they aren't my type of dating material for various reasons), plus a ton of uber-religious closet cases. I don't really get along well with a good number of gay guys my age. My interests don't lie in the direction of clubbing and constant sex and extreme left-ism; I am a geek of all trades, and I want something more out of life. I consider myself a romantic, and someday I hope to settle down with a husband and have kids. :)

Feel free to friend, I usually friend right back once I notice you friended me. :)


My name is Chip, I'm 19 and I live in Maryland. I have a voice that can be interpreted as either pothead or gay, so only very few can pick up on it. I started coming out to my friends at around 17ish, and I don't really think it's anyone else's business.

I think I have problems with being TOO adaptable! I don't talk to any gay people! Maybe like one or two on LJ, but that's it. So when I do talk to a gay, then he'll be more interested in fucking than talking. I sound like such a woman for saying that, but it gets really seriously annoying. There is no way I will ever have a normal gay friend, I'm beginning to think.

Does anyone else have this problem or am I living under a rock?

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it really started out about someone being gay being offended or not when they or someone else uses the word gay, whether it's a joke, or if it is offensive

eh, then it sorta went into whether its right to say anything that could offend anyone

I'm D, he's C, what'ya think?
and i'd really like to hear your opinion on this subject
-(please no one get pissed off, its just a discussion topic)
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hey, what's up guys, my names james, and i'm 17, i kinda created a 2nd live journal for myself, kinda.... the gay one. so as of now, no one knows, but i made it my newyears resolution to come out to at least one person. its just hard bottling it up inside and not being able to let it out. so i found this communtiy and i thought it was good, and could maybe help me deal, so yeah that's basically it.
i know i haven't really said much, and if there's anything you wanna know feel free to ask me.
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The New Guy...

Hey everyone. So I guess this is my introduction...(fair warning, I'm usually no good w/ stuff like this, so read at your own risk of boredom :))

Name: (not now, once I get to know some of you)
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Orientation: 99.9% sure I'm gay
Situation: One person who actually knows me knows I tend to go for the guys, and that's cause, well, he was my first.... Everyone else, as far as I know, are in the dark. I've accepted the fact that I'm gay, but I haven't come to terms with the turmoil that I'm sure will follow when I do finally come out. I'm fairly sure my mom would understand, but she's been through enough emotional stress this year, and I feel really guilty about adding more onto her w/ coming out. As for my friends (who are mostly girls) I'm just not sure what to do. I know that if they can't accept it, it's their problem, and I don't need them in my life, but meeting new people is hard for me to do, so I guess I've just gotten stuck in the rut of my comfort zone

Anyway, that's my rant for tonight...

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A Newcomer..

I was scouring through LJ when I came across this community and have been reading through the posts for about the last hour.

This community is awesome! I can't believe in the 3+ years i've been on here that I haven't found it! I had never thought that anyone else really had this problem that I do, but it seems I'm not alone afterall, and I'm glad.

My name is Bobby, I'm seventeen and currently living in a small town in Ohio. I "blend in" very well, I suppose. And it's all unintentional. When people find out I'm gay, 95% of the time they're suprised, and i've only had about two or three people call me out on my sexuality. I don't understand, though. I think if I weren't me I'd be able to point out my homosexuality, but a lot of people just don't. It's weird. And no, I'm not ashamed of my sexuality, I just don't feel the need to flaunt it around. Perhaps that's why most people aren't clued in? Anyway.

I'm planning on going to either Ohio University, or Ohio State University in the fall of 06, which I'm sure will prove to bring some interesting experiences. Both schools are moderately conservative so that'll be a little awkward at times, but hopefully it won't be anything too bad.

Anyway. Yes. I just thought i'd introduce myself to you all and hope to read some more interesting stories from this community.


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name: ed
age: 24
occupation: student/artist

Just thought I would stop by and do an introduction. I'm 24 quite the blender in kind of guy. It's intentional in some aspects and others just so happens to happen. I'm not "out" so to speak, a few people know I have a fancy toward guys. But it's kind of a trap I've seem to place myself in. I'm the "ladies" kind of guy... girls flirt with my quite often, and I admit I do flirt back. I do like women but it seems as if guys catch my attentiona little more. But the trap is that since I'm this kind of charming talented... but nice and sensitive kind of guy. I'm the perfect mate.. lots of trouble if you know what I mean. But I'm hoping to start to get to know myself a little better and really see what it is I truly desire and want in life. Not sure if it's to be with a guy or to have a happy marriage (with a girl) and a family. I'm quite torn right now cause both seem very desireble to me. Anyone else feel like this? It's like being in high school again with all these confusing questions.

But Hi, from the looks around here seems everyone is really nice.