Hello all. I just started a journal pertaining to the subject of this community when I came across it, so I figured I'd join.

Uh, well I'm a 22 (almost 23) year old guy living in the Chicago area. I'm not out at all. I generally hang out with all straight people, but one of my best friends is gay (but unfortunately he just moved across the country with his boyfriend). No one knows I'm gay, and I'm naturally pretty "straight acting." (That phrase annoys the hell out of me by the way, but oh well). I love sports, music, and partying with my friends when I'm not trying to concentrate on grad school. If you'd like to know more, just ask.

I pretty much joined this community because I felt like it was a great concept. I'm just a normal guy without all of the stereotypically gay characteristics. Sometimes I feel like gay culture has made it so that mainstream society believes that all gay guys are all skinny, chiseled, flamboyant, rainbow-flag waving, lisping, BOIs! It's not that I have any problem with those types of gay men, it's just that sometimes I don't feel like there are other guys out there like me. Well... thats all for now. peace.

The only one....

Does anyone else here ever get the feeling that they are the only one who doesn't act real, well, faggy? I mean it isn't that I don't have any good friends who are gay are anything, its just that I mainly associate with guys who aren't really "gay". Yet is seems that we are definately in the minority in the scheme of things.

Doesn't it at times seem that guys who are knee-jerk liberal, uber-gays seem to predominate the gay community? That the smart and "straight" ones of us are often on the outside and in a sort of manner invisible?
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Being Out At Work?

I was just wondering everyone's ideas about being out at work. Do you think it matters to be out, as opposed to being closeted?

I'm asking because I work during the summer and since it's seasonal work, I never see these people outside of work. My friend let it slip into conversation once that I was gay, and word spread like wildfire. It didn't bother me, because if people ask, I'll tell them the truth - the only problem is that no one ever asks. Anyeay, everyone knows now; almost all were suprised and didn't believe it at first, and instead of coming to me and asking me directly, they're all talking about the situation and asking my friend. Nothing has really changed with my coworkers or what not; It's been very anticlimactic [which is good, I suppose]. I was just curious as to what you all think of the situation. Do you believe it's important to be out at work? Any other questions or comments?

(no subject)

In the few experiences I've had, coming out has been scary. I always worry about my listener's reaction and hope that all goes well. However, to me, coming out also has another aspect; my sexuality makes me feel unique, and telling others is kind of fun.

Does anybody else find coming out thrilling?

(no subject)

My name is Krysta.  About a year ago, I found out that the guy I had been dating for two years was gay.  He had been in the closet for about half of our relationship, and came out as soon as I broke up with him.  I am now in the process of writing a book geared towards teenage girls who might be going through a similar situation.  If you are interested in reading it, the first 8 chapters are posted in my journal. 
I was just wondering if anybody in this community might be able to help me out at all.  I am looking for gay males who are still 'in the closet' and have steady girlfriends to answer some questions for me in order to help make my book better (and more informational).  If you fit this description

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Well I just made my journal and so I joined this community. I guess I'm looking for some friends who "get it," you know?
My name is JJ and my best friend tells me I'm pretty much a straight guy except for the fact that I want to sleep with men. I'm not "fruity" or whatever. So yeah, I blend in. Everyone here knows I'm gay, but people kind of ignore it and pretend they don't know. It gets awkward, and I don't push it. My town is ridiculously small and I hate all the superficial drama.
I guess you can read my bio thing if you want to know more. It's kind of long. I tend to ramble a lot, but I'm trying to keep this short.
Okay, well, have a nice night everyone!

ima noob...

hey, im giorgio and im 19 from houston tx. im bi, but im not open and i get a kick outta hearing ppl question my sexuality behind my back, "is giorgio gay or bi?"....haha. its kinda funny cuz im a pretty masculine and intimidating looking guy, but i have a heart of gold. when ppl do get enough courage to ask me directly i tell them "i dunno, what do you think?"...i love making ppl guess, i think just a little amount of mystery is
Brian and Zu


Ooookay. I haven’t been on since I made this post but Later that day I decided against it. That’s me being me anyway, I chicken out of everything, that’s why my life is so beyond dull. However I’d like to thank the people who commented in the previous post though, it meant a lot to see that you were thinking what I was… both sides. So *sigh* I didn’t go for it because I rather be at least friends with someone first, or at least have a dialogue going, OR unless I just want you like that because I’d be in a horny faze at the time… besides I had a hunch he only wanted sex, and I guess I would have felt used. But on the other hand, I guess I still slightly consider myself virgin-ish, so I don’t know some stuff and it would be fun ‘learning’…? I just laughed saying that. So yea…. *thinks*

But I do entertaining the thought once in a while.
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