My place to retreat, reflect and ponder... (the_mac_danee) wrote in __blending_in__,
My place to retreat, reflect and ponder...

so I have never hid the fact I'm a big gurl. I'm around 6'1" and on the upper end of 2 bills. That said, I'm in pretty decent shape. I lift weights, I run..I can go upstairs without losing my breath but I'm wondering. I have seen several before and after photos as of late of wonderful gurls who have made remarkable changes.

I would like to ask...who out there have made a large weight change, whereas you started out a heavy male weight and brought it down.  What did you do different?  How did you incorporate the changes? If you haven't had a large decrease, how did you adjust to life as a large woman?  Was it easier? I'm just trying to find where I'm comfortable in my own skin. I know I'm never going to be model thin and I do not want to...I just want to be able to present as womanly figure as I can without having to feel like I'm a extra for creature feature...ya know?

I hope this does not come out wrong...I'm very serious about learning and incorporating change and I thought I would ask those who have went through it.

Thank you.


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