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I am actually surprised that I managed to put this off for so long. “put off” isn’t probably a good way of putting it because it implies that it’s something I’ve been meaning to do. More accurately, I’ve been trying not to mention it. Quite silly actually, and sort of pathetic.

There’s this guy at work I have a real crush on one of the oldest stories in the book. I don’t know if he knows I’m gay though. It’s not like it hard to figure out. Maybe he knows and doesn’t care? Wouldn’t be unusual, I do have straight friends. So how saw if this crush? September made it a year, lol. But he’s being really chummy with me lately. He play scratched my left elbow while he was talking to me last week. And when we went out, he danced behind me, and hugged me more that 3 times. Curious… but still sad. He was sort of distant before I moved back home, but now I'm back at school, and working out here again, it like he's gotten a lot friendlier. What brought about this change? And that fact that I think he's awesome doesn't help.
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