cradleoflove12 (cradleoflove12) wrote in __blending_in__,

Hi there I am new to this community. I have an issue here.. right now i feel that i am going through a lot of confusion about my attractions. I call myself a "lesbian", but i started to like men.. I am finding them more appealing then i usually have. I am also very femminine and a random person wouldnt even guess that im queer whatsoever. Im starting to feel really guilty about these feelings. A lot of gay people i have met do not get "bisexuals" here. Im thinking about throwing labels away all together.

Like i said before I've been out as a "lesbian", but if i happen to like men too and decide to have the bisexual label on me, i would feel like i would be put in a "second closet". Im afraid of what the reactions would be. This hit me more then realizing my attraction toward woman.

Can anyone relate to this?


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