chu kno (_kissmygrits) wrote in __blending_in__,
chu kno

Being Out At Work?

I was just wondering everyone's ideas about being out at work. Do you think it matters to be out, as opposed to being closeted?

I'm asking because I work during the summer and since it's seasonal work, I never see these people outside of work. My friend let it slip into conversation once that I was gay, and word spread like wildfire. It didn't bother me, because if people ask, I'll tell them the truth - the only problem is that no one ever asks. Anyeay, everyone knows now; almost all were suprised and didn't believe it at first, and instead of coming to me and asking me directly, they're all talking about the situation and asking my friend. Nothing has really changed with my coworkers or what not; It's been very anticlimactic [which is good, I suppose]. I was just curious as to what you all think of the situation. Do you believe it's important to be out at work? Any other questions or comments?
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