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My name is Krysta.  About a year ago, I found out that the guy I had been dating for two years was gay.  He had been in the closet for about half of our relationship, and came out as soon as I broke up with him.  I am now in the process of writing a book geared towards teenage girls who might be going through a similar situation.  If you are interested in reading it, the first 8 chapters are posted in my journal. 
I was just wondering if anybody in this community might be able to help me out at all.  I am looking for gay males who are still 'in the closet' and have steady girlfriends to answer some questions for me in order to help make my book better (and more informational).  If you fit this description
1. How long have you known that you are gay?
2. Why haven't you come out to your girlfriend?
3. Why are you still dating a girl even though you know that you are gay?
4. Have you ever cheated on your girlfriend with a male?
5. How do you think your girlfriend will react if she finds out that you are gay?
6. Do you think that your sexuality is in any way your girlfriend's fault?
7. Do you find your girlfriend sexually attractive?
8. How long have you been dating the girl that you are with right now?
9. What would you like girls who find out that they have been dating gay men to know?  Do you have any advice for them?
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