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Ooookay. I haven’t been on since I made this post but Later that day I decided against it. That’s me being me anyway, I chicken out of everything, that’s why my life is so beyond dull. However I’d like to thank the people who commented in the previous post though, it meant a lot to see that you were thinking what I was… both sides. So *sigh* I didn’t go for it because I rather be at least friends with someone first, or at least have a dialogue going, OR unless I just want you like that because I’d be in a horny faze at the time… besides I had a hunch he only wanted sex, and I guess I would have felt used. But on the other hand, I guess I still slightly consider myself virgin-ish, so I don’t know some stuff and it would be fun ‘learning’…? I just laughed saying that. So yea…. *thinks*

But I do entertaining the thought once in a while.
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