February 5th, 2007



I am a seventeen year old lesbian living in the closet at home.
Typical, eh?

Well I am very often mistaken for straight and it makes me laugh so much because I am obviously not.
Aside from dressing in men's clothes 50% of the time, I flirt with girls openly, and express my opinions on how 'icky' heteros can be. I have also said that in public that men are not allowed to touch me.
My close friends know that I'm gay and we all joke around, some of my friends call themselves my secret lesbian lovers, etc.

But there is this girl, Sara. I have a huge crush on her and she is so beautiful but she is straight. Well she has asked me on more than one occasion if I have a boyfriend. I've even made comments in response to the effect of 'I don't swing that way', but I don't think she understands. She continues to ask me if I'm dating any boys and how many boyfriends I've had and I have given her clues that I'm gay but she still doesn't get it.

I'm also hit on quite frequently by men and that I also find highly amusing!
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