August 17th, 2006

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Hi there I am new to this community. I have an issue here.. right now i feel that i am going through a lot of confusion about my attractions. I call myself a "lesbian", but i started to like men.. I am finding them more appealing then i usually have. I am also very femminine and a random person wouldnt even guess that im queer whatsoever. Im starting to feel really guilty about these feelings. A lot of gay people i have met do not get "bisexuals" here. Im thinking about throwing labels away all together.

Like i said before I've been out as a "lesbian", but if i happen to like men too and decide to have the bisexual label on me, i would feel like i would be put in a "second closet". Im afraid of what the reactions would be. This hit me more then realizing my attraction toward woman.

Can anyone relate to this?


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I'm a 19-y/o female from Buffalo, NY. I don't really know what my sexuality is. But I don't think it really matters; I support the glbtq community with all my heart.

I live in a community that is very closed-minded and would like to meet open-minded people.

I initially came out as bisexual, and I walked around my old high school with two other people who wanted to come out. We came out together with rainbow colored t-shirts. It was comforting to do it together. It didn't go over too well but we were glad we did it, and we found out who in our school was worth talking to.